arco collaborative


Our Mission

arco collaborative is an artist-driven nonprofit that fosters a better understanding of our world through musical dialogue inspired by ideas and the communities around us.  We carefully select and nurture artistic collaborations and commissions, transforming the creative process by engaging with specific ideas and perspectives; we invest in our future by cultivating artist-citizens in partnership with educational organizations.

• Each project is artist-led and engages with specific topics directly affecting our society.

• We support the entire artistic process by funding commissions, preparing benchmark performances, and creating education programs.

arco collaborative serves as an independent source of leadership and support for commissioning new music.  It selects and supports collaborations among the world’s most distinguished artists and composers who represent diverse disciplines and styles.


Our Core Values

arco collaborative maintains a commitment to quality, creativity and leveraging the synergies of artistic expression.

arco collaborative believes in:

• Fostering the musical voices and points of view of individual artists;

• Supporting projects through their life cycle, and is committed to providing a long term basis of support: following a nascent new work from its initial concept, through an ‘incubation’ process, to its workshop phase, and finally to public presentation.