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    The 38th Parallel 삼팔선

    A Contemporary Pansori 현대 판소리
    A new work in development by composer/multi-media artist Jean-Baptiste Barrière in collaboration with director/dramaturge Aleksi Barrière, and violinist Jennifer Koh. Learn more

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    Shared Madness

    Shared Madness is a project that explores the relationship between the violinist and the instrument. Learn more

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    Bridge to Beethoven

    This four recital series features music performed and composed by artists of diverse heritage with newly commissioned works by Vijay Iyer, Andrew Norman and Anthony Cheung. Learn more

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    Music Messenger

    Presentations, Seminars, and Masterclasses offered in approachable, accessible formats for children and young adults. Learn more

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    Off Stage On Record

    An on-going educational video series providing a behind-the-scenes look at the life and career of a concert artist, designed for students, artists, audiences and fans alike. Learn more

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    The Life and Death of J.S. Bach

    In collaboration with Robert Wilson. The project will feature narrative parallels of Bach’s life with Bach’s solo violin works and, by extension, the life and development of an artist. (In development for 2019) Learn more

arco collaborative is an artist-driven nonprofit that creates visionary musical and educational programs.

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